Bridal Services


     Clients should schedule a trial session for at least 3 months in advance of their wedding. Your trial will cost you  $100          ( Non-Refundable).  The trial price is included in the Deluxe package as well as the Mother and Daughter package.

    A deposit of 50% of total service is required after your trial has been completed and a custom contract will be signed (if you decided to use our services). The trial allows a customized look to be developed for each of your unique styles. This is the perfect opportunity to begin to coordinate your look at all the other elements of your special day such as dress color, flowers, your bridal party, and even the venue. Also, now is the time to experiment with styles you may like to try from magazines. It is recommend you book your trial date on the same date as your bridal shower. Kill two birds with one stone. If you do not want a trial, we do have a No Trial package. 


There is an additional fee (of $100 for a week's notice, $50 for two-week notice) for last-minute weddings. 

    Makeup and hair styling services are offered for Brides, Mother of the Bride or Groom, Bridal / Wedding Party, Junior Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, and  Engagement Photos.



     Trial and consultation are $100 (if the weave is needed with the style the price of installation will be added to the trial price). 

On wedding day hairstyles price varies with needs. Please email with details for pricing. 


  1. Set rate of $50 ( covers packing/unpacking equipment )
  • $.30 per mile for both directions from stylist/artist. (St. Clair, Pennsylvania)
  • If LaFone Holmes is required to travel out of state or due to early call time before 7 am extra charges will include. The bride will be responsible for hotel, travel, and gas
  • Relocation fee of $50 will be added for multiple locations (ie hotel) and unpack/pack then travel to an additional location (ie venue).

Available For Touch-up Services Throughout Your Event……$100/Hourly. Your hour starts when you (the bride) puts on your wedding dress. The bride is always the last of the wedding party to finish getting hair and makeup done.

Bridal Makeup “No Trial” Option $120

Live out of town? I offer a “No Trial”  Verbal Consultation option for bridal makeup on your wedding day. These appointments allow extra, extra time for any changes or adjustments on your wedding day. Although I still strongly recommend a trial appointment when possible, I understand your schedule may not allow for the extra appointment.

Deluxe Package $200 (You Save $20)



  •   Personalized Makeup Consultation & Trial Prior to the Event
  •   On-site Makeup Artistry for the Bride on Your Wedding Day
  •   Skin Cleansing & Priming
  •   False Lash Application

Mother & Daughter Package $260

(You save $40)


  • Personalized Makeup 
  • Consultation & Trial Prior to the Event for the Bride 
  • Verbal Consultation for Mother of the Bride or Groom
  • On-site Makeup Artistry for the Bride & Mother of the Bride or Groom on the Wedding Day
  • Skin Cleansing & Priming
  • False Lash Application

Bridesmaids & Maid/Matron of Honor Package  $100 each



  •   On-site Makeup Artistry Day of the Wedding
  •   Professional Makeup  Application
  • Save $10 Off Each makeup application. With a Bridal Party of 5 or More. 

Flower Girl & Jr. Bridesmaid Wedding Package $20

 (13 Y/0 & Under)



  •   Gloss, Bronzer, & Blush Application

Cover Tattoos.

Tattoo cover up range at different prices starting at $10

Groom The Groom - $50



  • Cut the shine, redness, and blotchiness in his skin.
  • It covers acne and shaving mishaps. He will feel like a movie star and photograph beautifully

Allow 30 minutes to Groom your Groom!

Your beauty. Your day. Your vision.

My Touch Just Makes

It Happen!


Before your makeup trial:

 Know your skin type – Be sure to share what type of skin you have and any other important information about your skin such as allergies or irritants. I will decide what products to use on you based upon this information.

Know your style – Do some research before the trial and print some examples of the styles you like.

Know what you don’t like – Print examples of styles you don’t like so I can avoid these looks and better understand your preferences.

Know how many people will be receiving makeup service.

During your makeup trial:

Try to be on time. This will ensure you arrive calm and focused rather than feeling like you need to rush through this important step. As your makeup artist, I will give you advice on what styles suit your personality, style, and facial features the best. I might suggest looks that you haven’t yet considered. You should not feel pressured to follow all of my advice, but while you have my expertise at your fingertips, try to give it your consideration. I will want to get to know you, listen carefully to your ideas and opinions and respect your vision.


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Below are some other services we offer

  • Videographer- Shakeem Holmes (Capturing Charming Moments) 201-780-2036
  • Engagement Photos- LaFone Holmes (Capturing Charming Moments) 908-456-0736